BIRD MINDS: Cognition and Behaviour of Australian Native Birds


Bird Minds provides a fresh view of the behaviour of Australian native avifauna, presenting a portrait of cognitive well-equipped species, which is somewhat removed from the traditional image of birds as fluttering, colourful ornaments that tend to move like automata. The book will focus on the specific abilities of Australian birds, examining why they have had to find cognitive ways of adapting to difficult conditions. The demands of the Australian environment have led to the development of cognitively complex processes that are unique in the world, including complex behaviours such as grieving, deception, problem solving and the use of tools. Many Australian birds cooperate and defend each other, and exceptional ones go fishing by throwing breadcrumbs in the water, extract poisonous parts from prey and use tools to crack open eggshells and mussels.

Publisher: CSIRO Publishing

Date Published: 2015

Book Condition: Near fine soft cover with minimal wear to cover edges. A clean, tight and unmarked copy internally

ISBN: 9781486300181

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