Frank Zappa: The Negative Dialectics of Poodle Play


Watson brings serious critical attention to the musician, dissecting Zappa within his context, and analysing him alongside such artists as John Cage and Pierre Boulez. Zappa’s ideas are interpreted as an extension of a Western radical tradition that encompassed the Marquis de Sade, the Surrealists, and beyond, from musique concrete to doowop, Theodor Adorno to Suzy Creamcheese, Plato to Punky Meadows, the Situationists to the PMRC. Zappa’s politics, as well as his wit and relentless attempts to break standard forms, are integral to his music.

Publisher: Quartet Books

Date Published: 1995

Book Condition:  Very good soft cover with some edge wear and creasing to covers and minimal tanning to page edges

ISBN: 070430242X

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