Hunter and Habitat in the Central Kalahari Desert


The Central Kalahari Game Reserve in Botswana is a sand desert covered by scrub and thorn forest, dry and bitterly cold in winter and extremely hot in summer before the short wet season. The only kinds of vegetation surviving this climate are short-lived annuals and deciduous species that lie dormant in the dry season. In this inhospitable territory live the hunter-gatherer G/wi bushmen. George Silberbauer has lived and worked among the G/wi for over ten years. In Hunter and Habitat, he analyses the ways in which G/wi society and culture have been shaped by the rugged natural environment. The book provides a thorough analysis of G/wi society, describing their social, political, and economic organization, their living patterns, subsistence technology, and seasonal adaptations. In short, Hunter and Habitat describes and elucidates the foundation of G/wi society: the interrelationships of the bushmen, their sociocultural system, and their habitat.

Date Published: 1981

Book Condition: Good soft cover showing some creasing and edge wear to covers with some corner bumping to text and pencil underlining throughout the book

 ISBN: 0521281350

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