Utamaro: Portraits of the Floating World


Who was the man behind the pseudonym “Utamaro”? We know that he was one of the greatest artists of eighteenth-century Japan, and that he was a master portraitist of women in the woodblock-print tradition known as ukiyo-e. But as for the man himself, we know almost nothing. The little there is-gleaned from contemporary books, miscellaneous writings, temple registers-is brought together in this book to present as clear a picture of Utamaro’s life as modem researchers are capable of. Utamaro is placed in his cultural setting-the pleasure-loving urban culture of eighteenth-century Tokyo, the shogun’s capital and the de facto centre of Japan.

Publisher: Kodansha International
Date Published: 2000
Book Condition: Near fine soft cover with French flaps showing minimal edge wear
ISBN: 4770027303

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