Coral Sea Calling: Pioneer tales of Australia's northern waters

Adventure tales based on the early history of exploration and contact in North Queensland, trepang fisherman and Torres Strait Islanders; material drawn from historical records. 

Bird Minds: Conition and Behaviour of Australian Native Birds

In her comprehensive and carefully crafted book, Gisela Kaplan demonstrates how intelligent and emotional Australian birds can be.

Brolga and the Emu: Minh Kor' a minh Achamp

Emu is jealous of Brolga and her many eggs, what will Emu do?

Damned Whores and God's Police: The Colonization of Women in Australia

For the first time a woman has set out to describe our society and write our history. The result is a devastating and totally original view of Australia.

Bob Dylan: The Brazil Series

This volume of Dylan’s paintings includes works created since 2008. Inspired by his travels in Brazil, the paintings embody an array of motifs, from portraits to landscapes, highly narrative scenes to brilliant experiments with composition and color.

Practical Self Sufficiency: An Australian guide to sustainable living

Written by experienced and passionate eco-livers Dick and James Strawbridge, this title is comprehensive, inclusive and contemporary and is set to become the definitive guide of its kind. The guide is perfectly adapted for the Australian market and ideal for everyone in urban, suburban or rural areas.

Spirit of the Wedge-Tailed Eagle: The Art of Humphrey Price-jones

Australia’s Wedge-tailed Eagle is the country’s largest true eagle and one of our few large predators and scavengers. It is closely related to the other large eagles of the world: the Golden Eagle of Europe and North America, the Imperial Eagle of the Palearctic, the Tawny and Verreauxs Eagles in Africa, the Indian Black Eagle in Indo-Malaysia, and Gurneys Eagle in New Guinea.

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