Fairies in Victorian Art

Christopher Wood, an expert on Victorian art, takes us into a world of fantasy, magic, ghouls and ghosts, spiritualism and psychology.

A field guide to weeds in Australia

A self-indexing field guide and reference guide for identifying weeds in Australia


Back to Eden: The Classic Guide to Herbal Medicine, Natural Foods, and Home Remedies since 1939

Now in its expanded, updated revised edition, this is the original classic text (with more than 5-million copies sold) that helped create the natural foods industry. It remains today one of the major texts on herbs, natural diet and lifestyle and holistic health.

Through Silent Country

A Western Australian writer with a background in both literature and architecture, Dowley tells the story of 18 Wongutha people who in the 1920s were exiled by a whim of government from their country practically on the edge of the Great Victoria Desert and sent a thousand kilometers away near Perth. There they were imprisoned but escaped and decided to walk home. After her chronicle of events, she lets people tell their own tale, from written and spoken accounts.

A Brush with the Law: Highlights from the Fitzgerald Inquiry

Highlights from the Fitzgerald Inquiry. Sketched by Norma Dickinson and text by John Graham.

Practical Self Sufficiency: An Australian guide to sustainable living

Written by experienced and passionate eco-livers Dick and James Strawbridge, this title is comprehensive, inclusive and contemporary and is set to become the definitive guide of its kind. The guide is perfectly adapted for the Australian market and ideal for everyone in urban, suburban or rural areas.

Spirit of the Wedge-Tailed Eagle: The Art of Humphrey Price-jones

Australia’s Wedge-tailed Eagle is the country’s largest true eagle and one of our few large predators and scavengers. It is closely related to the other large eagles of the world: the Golden Eagle of Europe and North America, the Imperial Eagle of the Palearctic, the Tawny and Verreauxs Eagles in Africa, the Indian Black Eagle in Indo-Malaysia, and Gurneys Eagle in New Guinea.

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