Echidna: Extraordinary Egg-laying Mammal


The echidna is one of the world’s most extraordinary creatures, a living fossil whose relatives were walking the earth over 100 million years ago. Like the platypus, it is a mammal that lays eggs. And like all mammals, it has fur and produces milk. This book describes the echidna’s lifestyle and the adaptations that have made it so successful. It draws on the latest research into these strange creatures, covering their evolution, anatomy, senses, reproduction, behaviour, feeding habits and metabolism. The authors reveal fascinating new findings, showing how echidnas are masters of their environment, and not simply some sort of mammal ‘test model’ that went wrong. A final chapter on conservation includes information on captive diet and management. Out of print.

Publisher: CSIRO Publishing

Date Published: 2006 (1st Ed.)

Book Condition: Very good ex-library soft cover, in an adhesive plastic cover, with the usual school library stamps to the half-title, title page, several pages throughout the text and back page. Original price written on the half-title page and minor marks where tags have been removed on the back page. Otherwise, a very good copy internally.

ISBN: 0643092048


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