Enough is Enough: A History of the Pilbara Mob


This book is an historic account that embraces the Aboriginal side of the Pilbara story, in a region of Australia where the Aboriginal people were not given the same rights as the European settlers. Enough is Enough is an alarming look into the justice system that failed to treat indigenous Australians as equals. Drawing from the work of historians, anthropologists, and people concerned with the race issue in Australia, author Noel Olive uses collective texts to give new focus in resolving the problem of racism. Thoroughly researched and an engaging read, Enough is Enough is an inspirational text that inspires change and educates people.

Publisher: Fremantle Arts Centre Press

Date Published: 2007

Book Condition: Good softcover showing minimal edge wear to covers. Stamped on the title page (Review Copy Not for Resale). Some minor page warping throughout the book along the spine edge. Otherwise, a clean copy.

ISBN: 1921064455

ISBN: 1921064455


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