Futurism and After: David Burliuk 1882-1967


Known as the father of Russian Futurism, David Burliuk is one of the least understood of 20th century avant-garde artists. The dispersal of his paintings over three continents and his evolutive style have made it difficult to assess his place in Modernist art history. Due to unprecedented access to a major private collection, this publication marks the first North American survey of his career in over 40 years. Accompanied by numerous colour plates, three essays provide an overview of Burliuk s early years where he, along with poet Vladimir Maiakovsky, established the first Futurist group. We follow his travels through Siberia and Japan and to his eventual settling in the United States in the 1920s. Here he developed the painting style known as Radio-Modernism, a synthesis of Futurism, Expressionism and a fascination with technology.

Publisher: Winnipeg Art Gallery
Date Published: 2008 (1st Ed.)
Book Condition: Near fine hardcover in a very good dust jacket showing only light wear and minor edge wear to the top of cover – scarce resource
ISBN: 9780889152434

ISBN: 9780889152434

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