It’s a Magical World : A Calvin and Hobbes Collection


When cartoonist Bill Watterson announced that his phenomenally popular cartoon strip would be discontinued, Calvin and Hobbes fans throughout the world went into mourning. Fans have learned to survive — despite the absence of the boy and his tiger in the daily newspaper. It’s a Magical World delivers all the satisfaction of visiting its characters once more. Calvin fans will be able to see their favourite mischief maker stir it up with his furry friend, long-suffering parents, classmate Susie Derkins, school-teacher Miss Wormwood, and Rosalyn the baby-sitter. It’s a Magical World includes full-colour Sundays and has it all: Calvin-turned-firefly waking Hobbes with his flashlight glow; courageous Spaceman Spiff rocketing through alien galaxies as he battles Dad-turned-Bug-Being; and Calvin’s always inspired snowman art. There’s no better way for Watterson fans to savour again the special qualities of their favourite strip.

Publisher: Andrews and McMeel

Date Published: 1996

Book Condition: Very good softcover with some minor corner bumping and edge wear to covers.

ISBN: 0836221362

ISBN: 0836221362

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