Lord of the Rings: Adventure Game (Middle-Earth Role Playing)


The Lord of the Rings Adventure Game is a fun, easy-to-learn introduction to fantasy role playing. A few minutes of reading presents the essentials, and then you’re ready to begin. You’ll master the finer points of role playing, as the adventure unfolds, amidst all the wonders of Middle-earth. ~ CONTENTS: The Guidelines (rule book); Dawn Comes Early (adventure book); Colour map; adventure map; floorplans & characters; playing pieces.

Publisher: Iron Crown Enterprises

Date Published: 1991(1st US Edition)

Book Condition: The contents including books, maps, floorplans, characters and playing pieces are in excellent condition. The top left hand corner of the box cover is split, otherwise the box is very good condition for age

ISBN: 155806124X

ISBN: 155806124X

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