One Stone for Tibet


Modern Tibet is a scarred land. In 1950 the Communist Chinese invaded this mystical “land at the top of the world” and claimed it as their own. Since then, the people, animals, culture, religion, traditions, economic structure and topography have been devastated.Now is the time for world leaders to act to restore Tibet’s status as a zone of peace and neutrality. Unless this is done quickly there may be a cataclysm in Tibet which will affect most of South-East Asia. The Chinese are dumping nuclear waste in a land which is the source of seven of the major river systems in the region. In this time of unprecedented global warming this could be a disaster waiting to happen.Tibetans dream of the day when the Dalai Lama will return. This book explains why the rest of the world should join them in this vision. Signed copy with a personal inscription.

Publisher: Awareness Publications

Date Published: 1998 (1st Ed.)

Book Condition:  Near fine soft cover showing minimal edge wear to covers

ISBN: 0646352326

ISBN: 0646352326

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