The Gatton Murders: a true story of lust, vengeance and vile retribution


Three members of the Murphy family, Michael, Ellen and Norah, are returning to the family farm after a trip into Gatton, a small Queensland town. On a deserted, moonlit road a few miles out of town they are ambushed and the horse is shot dead. The three Murphy siblings, all aged in their twenties, are taken to a remote paddock, where they are bludgeoned, shot and the women brutally raped. So begins the story of a horrific and baffling crime. When they were found the following day, their bodies were at first mistaken for three piles of clothes, so badly were they beaten. By the time the police arrived, locals had swarmed all over the crime scene, obliterating critical evidence. What followed was a hopelessly bungled investigation, and the crime remained unsolved. Stephanie Bennett’s detailed examination of this unsolved crime brings a new and disturbing theory to the surface.

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

Date Published: 2004

Book Condition: Near fine soft cover with minor edge wear to covers

ISBN: 1405035749


ISBN: 1405035749

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