The Last of the Nomads


The Last of the Nomads is the story of Warri and Yatungka, the last of the Mandildjara people to remain in their country – the Western Gibson Desert region of Western Australia. After many years of drought – the worst this century – the Mandildjara held grave fears for the safety of Warri and Yatungka. Their chances of survival under such adverse conditions and without the support of younger tribesmen and women were extremely remote. So, at the request of the Aboriginal elders and with the guidance of Mudjon, an old friend of Warri’s, Dr Peasley and his companions set out in search of the elderly couple. Thus began an extraordinary journey, a journey into the past to locate a man and woman pursuing a nomadic existence, as their people had done since the dawn of human occupation of Australia. W J Peasley’s account of the events of that journey, his description of the country and of the emotional meeting in the desert are fascinating, thoughtful and, at times, extremely moving.

Publisher: Fremantle Arts Centre Press

Date Published: 1983 (1st Ed.)

Book Condition: Very good softcover with French-flaps showing minor edge and surface wear to covers. A fine copy internally.

ISBN: 0909144737

ISBN: 0909144737


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