Vanishing Africa: revised edition


When Mirella Ricciardi began photography in 1967 she did not have any technical training. She was inspired by the surroundings of Lake Naivasha, where she grew up and a place with a number of native Africans and a wide variety of animals. This book features images from six tribal groups; the Samburu, the Maasai; the Rendille; the Turkana; the Bajun and the Gala Boran.

Publisher: Collins

Date Published: 1977

Book Condition: Very good coffee table size hardcover. The front endpaper is creased and has been clipped on the corner with minor foxing is present on the inside covers and several pages in the front and back of the book. The main text and photographs are in very good condition.

ISBN: 0002118769

ISBN: 0002118769

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