Virgil: Georgics: Volume 1, Books I-II (Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics)


The introduction, in Volume 1, treats the poem’s historical background and its relationship to the early years of Augustan Rome, Virgil’s use of prior literary material, his stylistic and metrical expertise, and questions of poetic structure. There is also a section interpreting the poem in light of recent scholarship, which seeks to consider the poem as part of the broad unity of Virgil’s career, rather than from a narrow didactic approach. A new Latin text of the poem is followed by extensive line-by-line commentary, explaining difficult passages, interpreting poetic intent, and tracing the influence of Virgil’s Greek and Roman antecedents.

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Date Published: 1988

Book Condition: Very good soft cover with minor surface scuffing and edge wear to covers.

ISBN: 0521278503

ISBN: 0521278503

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