Reconnecting with the past
i have always wanted a copy of the Myths and Legends of the Torres Strait. My great grandparents are storytellers in this wonderful record of our stories passed down through generations. I am ever so grateful to have come across this book once again thru the Literati Bookstall and now I have my very own copy!!! Andy of Literati Book Stall - THANK YOU!!! Your service is outstanding and the way in which you helped me was amazing, you understood my connection to this book, which is really, all that I have of my great grandparents and you handled everything from start to finish with such a sensitivity that only added to what was for me a sacred reunion. Can books really be that important? - ABSOLUTELY!!! Without this record of these myths and legends, most of these stories would have been forgotten/changed over time or lost in translation. I am so grateful and I am definitely one happy customer!!!! Literati Bookstall: Fantastic customer service, quality books, fast delivery and great prices!!!